NAPFA has long been a vocal advocate for the Fee-Only financial planning profession and the public. The organization has collaborated with other organizations to advocate for legislation and industry-wide policies that would create a financial planning profession while extending the fiduciary standard of care to all practitioners offering investment advice.

Media Contact: If you are looking to schedule an interview or need more information for a story, please contact NAPFA at

Member Media Requests: NAPFA members are willing to assist the media, and are available to serve as sources on topics related to financial planning, such as wealth management, planning for milestone events, 为大学存钱, re-paying student loans, 还有老年人护理, 在许多其他方面. If you are a writer seeking a NAPFA member source, please contact Please include the name of the outlet, a short description of your topic, and your deadline for interviews or responses. NAPFA members will respond directly to members of the media via email.

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